Frank Fashion Friday

Dressing for the premiere of WRONGED, a novel by Fifi Flowers… or maybe I should say… the premiere for the GET IT RIGHT reality show featuring my cousin Gianna Marinelli and yessssss I am in the book… I can’t remember how many books I’ve been mentioned in… BUT anyhow… I thought premiere attire is perfect for this posting and will say this first would be my selection… the others are fun too…

See you soon
for another Frank Fashion Friday

WRONGED, a novel by Fifi Flowers -  LIVE NOW    

Gianna Marinelli, an Italian in America, just wanted a new independent life as an interior designer

Ashton Tate, the owner of Tate & Sons Construction, just wanted time to create his own designs

Winning spots on a reality design show--Get It Right...get your own design show--has Gianna and Ashton competing against each other but maybe they don't understand the whole premise... 

Is it wrong to fall in love with your competition? 
Are you supposed to hate your fellow competitor?


Art Scene news with Daphne Chastain

If Louis Vuitton baked bread… these creations from "If Only AI" are Art Gallery worthy…

What do you think… 
would you like to purchase something from this  
Louis Vuitton Artisanal Bread collection?

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ART SCENE news with Daphne Chastain

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