Frank Fashion Friday

Oscar Fashions for Men...

What will they be wearing this Sunday on the Red Carpet for Academy Awards 2017... if I were to attend, I would be calling upon designer Tom Ford...

And I think my blue eyes might pop wearing this jacket... forget the basic black, it's Oscar night!

Don't worry female fashionistas, the ladies' Oscar fashions from the 89th Academy Awards will be discussed next week on the blog. But don't forget, look at the handsome men too!

Check your local listings for the Red Carpet & Beyond for
Oscar 2017
February 26 - Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California

See you next week
for another Frank Fashion Friday


Movies to Museums

Currently on display at FIDM movie fashions...

Crimson Peak, 2016 Costume Design by Kate Hawley

See other movie fashions from 2016 at the museum's annual showing, 
this year marks their 25th year of sharing motion picture costume designs 
to movie lovers, fashionistas and the public at large.
Plan your trip...

February 7 – April 22, 2017
10am - 5pm
Admission FREE

FIDM Museum
919 S. Grand Avenue - Los Angeles, CA 90015

Learn more information about the museum HERE

Exhibit suggested by Cami Nichols


Candles, Lotions, Soaps, oh my

NEW for Spring...

Forever changing their fragrances... I see one of my favorites is available - Japenese Cherry Blossom - time to make a run to Bath & Body Works to load up. I LOVE that they always have buy X amount and get X amount FREE... how can you go wrong? And if you signup to receive their emails you get coupons... yes, I already have join!

SHOP Bath & Body Works HERE

Product suggestions by Venessa Grey


We All Scream for Shoes

Forget screaming for ice cream... give me shoes!

Check these shoes and MORE on Ann Taylor HERE

Shoe Collection suggested by Lee Minx


Presidents for Fashion

On Presidents Day there are sales everywhere...

Tons of STORES online and in persons have amazing deals

Click HERE to get a list

Sale information brought to you by Cami Nichols


Frank Fashion Friday

New smells for MEN are in the air for Spring and I say WOW...

Read about more fragrances HERE

I have been looking for a new signature scent for a while. One that says I have arrived but doesn't knock people over. There is nothing worse than hugging someone and having their fragrance on you. People learn where to place your perfumes and colognes. Think about how you would feel if a skunk raised its tail and gave you a douse of his scent... no different. Keep it to yourself and let us move on after complimenting you on your own fragrance. 

See you next week
for another Frank Fashion Friday


Matte and Materialistic

Achieving a natural look as well as a dramatic look...

Shop the Collection HERE

Shop the Collection HERE

Chanel Makeup Selections by Venessa Grey


Sexy for Dreams

Sexy for love and romance... or reading and relaxing...

Sexy bedroom living selections that every FASHIONISTA needs
provided by Lupita Hudson


Valentines and Beyond Lingerie

Lacy, satiny, sexy and fun...

feel beautiful under your clothing or showing it off...

View more items HERE

Happy Valentine's Day!

from the staff at 
Fashionista Forward


Spring into sandal weather

Jeans and sandals...

Wishing Sandal Weather to those experiencing snow... affordable sandals from Lulu's 
Black - Olive - Navy - Tan

Suggested sunny weather footwear by Jess Michaels


Frank Fashion Friday

Looking good while biking...

Jacey Elthalion, inspiration for Dash Oliver of Just A Number 

This is the look I'm going for if I'm going to be peddling...

whether with the peloton ...

or riding on mountain trails...

or cruising a beach boardwalk

I want to look fashionable in something other than tight bicycle pants
and then I will be ready to pop in for a beer and bite, properly attired...
who's with me?

See you next week
for another Frank Fashion Friday


Fashionable Chocolates

FAB and sweet for Valentine's Day and beyond...

Chocolate for Fashionistas!!!
Maggie Louise Confections has exactly what you need...

A special thank you to reader Evie Sandiego 
for emailing us this collage!!!

                                            - Chanel Devlin

(Evie is a character in WEDNESDAY: With Lots of Cream, book 3 
of Fifi Flowers' Hookup Café Series releasing April - May)


Music and a Munch

Attending a LA Music Center performance, begin here...

Something about the Patina dining room screams fashion.

Patina is located outside of the Walt Disney Concert Hall 
within walking distance of other theatres, as well.

Just a couple main course options showed with a pretty dessert.

Give Patina a try...

Suggested Pre-concert or after-performance spot by Griffin Tan


Celebrating with Champagne

Cheers and toasts today...

Suggests in the new year for drinking bubbly... 
Champagne bottles with sparkles to match equally dazzling clothing.

Sparkly Sugar around the rim of champagne flutes
with a message tag is a nice touch too.

Or maybe you want to skip the glass and just stick
a FUN straw straight into a split of champagne... works for me!

And... what's a celebration without a champagne cake?!

Enjoy a BUBBLY day!

Suggested Bubbly Options by guest blogger Fifi Flowers
for her mother's birthday


In Your Hand

Handbags, backpacks, fanny packs and more...

Read the Article Associated with these images Here

Loving so many of these, but I am especially drawn to the Dolce & Gabbana carriage and chandelier. 
Just need one of their lovely gowns to complete the look. 
Ohhh... and somewhere to wear it all might be helpful. 
Do you have a favorite?

Handbags suggested by Jess Michaels

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