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Written by Fifi Flowers

Excerpt from the book about Fashionista Forward…

When I was just starting out in my profession, in my spare time, I had tried my luck at being a fashionista blogger. I set up a free website where I wrote and posted photos about anything and everything fashion. It was just for fun, but it started getting hits and followers. Then, businesses began to contact me for paid sponsorships. A fluke turned into a money maker. The bigger it got, the more notice I received, and that was when the big article was written about me.

The published interview brought even more people to my, once little, Fashionista Forward blog and suddenly, I was in need of extra help. Posting for help, some of my devoted blog subscribers volunteered. If they hadn’t, it wouldn’t still be alive today. I’m no longer involved. I sold it to a small group of fashionistas, a few of my fangirls that had jumped in to help. They have been very supportive of my fashion clients. The internet is a powerful tool. Perhaps my father searched the internet for my name.  - Willow Dane

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