Cocktail Girl Gifts


A classic martini glass is so adorable… wearable… hanging on the Christmas tree or on a ear…

Even footwear from Kate Spade…

What more can be said but Cheers!

Martini Fashions found by Chanel Devlin

CHEERS to Stealing Hearts, a novel by Fifi Flowers
Releasing March 22nd

This book will steal your heart!

Chanel Devlin has been a fashionista since the day she was born.

Levi Laurent has always been a successful businessman with compliant employees.

When Levi purchases a very successful fashion blog, he is faced with one very unhappy fashionista and she plans to fight every change management tries to make. Chanel knows what is best for Fashionista Forward but does she know how to keep Levi from stealing her heart?


Martini Night


Classic Martini Night… where to go… The Dresden Room…

Book you Reservation HERE

Shaken or Stirred… that atmosphere alone will delight you and enhance your martini as you envision the past at this classic old Hollywood hangout… it does not disappoint—drinks and food is excellent!

Martini and a Meal suggested by Griffin Tan


Holidays are Coming


Sparkles… cut-outs… lace patterns… flowers… velvet…

What  is your fancy this holiday season?
A variety… mixed or matched…
Anything goes… Be Happy

Holiday Looks suggested by Jess Michaels

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