Holidays are Coming


Sparkles… cut-outs… lace patterns… flowers… velvet…

What  is your fancy this holiday season?
A variety… mixed or matched…
Anything goes… Be Happy

Holiday Looks suggested by Jess Michaels


Glam Girl Facial Tissue Boxes

These should be on the makeup table of every glam girl…

Hmm… how can you pick just one? Soooo cute!
Collect them all… give them as gifts to your fellow fashionistas!

Glam Girl find suggested by Venessa Grey


Stealing Hearts by Fifi Flowers - PREORDER NOW

This book will steal your heart!

Chanel Devlin has been a fashionista since the day she was born.

Levi Laurent has always been a successful businessman with compliant employees.

When Levi purchases a very successful fashion blog, he is faced with one very unhappy fashionista and she plans to fight every change management tries to make. Chanel knows what is best for Fashionista Forward but does she know how to keep Levi from stealing her heart?


Frank Fashion Friday

Back online in time to celebrate a new season of Get It Right—designer reality show competition to be the next design star and I will be cheering for my cousin Gianna Marinelli—on the DesignTV Network… so here are some male construction fashions…

Manly, yes… I like the look of plaid!

See you soon 
for another Frank Fashion Friday

WRONGED, a novel by Fifi Flowers - PREORDER NOW

Gianna Marinelli, an Italian in America, just wanted a new independent life as an interior designer

Ashton Tate, the owner of Tate & Sons Construction, just wanted time to create his own designs

Winning spots on a reality design show--Get It Right...get your own design show--has Gianna and Ashton competing against each other but maybe they don't understand the whole premise... 

Is it wrong to fall in love with your competition? 
Are you supposed to hate your fellow competitor?


Fashion and Decor through the Years

This will my last post for a while because I’m going to be a judge on DesignTV’s reality design show Get It Right. I’m so excited to see what competitors create in their attempt to be the next design star and have their own show. I’m not sure if there will be a fashion show of sorts between competitors but I did see a wardrobe van on set… so maybe… but I’m sure I won’t see anything like I’m showing here today…

See more HERE

Fun to see different Fashion and Decor Eras 
brought to you by Lupita Hudson

Don’t forget to Tune in to Get It Right 
Find me there!

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