Coffee is Fashionable

Coffee first has a whole new meaning…

Coffee or Tea?
Will Kate Spade NY be doing a High Tea line?
To be seen.

Coffee fashions suggested by Jess Michael


Stealing Hearts Ensembles

Putting together an ensemble... mix and match items and pull off a high-couture look. So many options when you pair a variety. A treasured bobble, scarf, jacket, handbag, pair of shoes can change a whole look making one feel expensive…important when attending a function. Something that stands out and gets noticed. One little compliment can make your whole day or evening brighter. Hearing someone say: “I love that bracelet… I love those shoes…” and a person will often lit right up. 

That is my goal as a fashionista. (excerpt from Stealing Hearts, a novel by Fifi Flowers)

(Via @Ruelala on Instagram)

Fashions found by Chanel Devlin

STEALING HEARTS, a novel by Fifi Flowers 
Releasing March 22nd... a month away

This book will steal your heart!

Chanel Devlin has been a fashionista since the day she was born.

Levi Laurent has always been a successful businessman with compliant employees.

When Levi purchases a very successful fashion blog, he is faced with one very unhappy fashionista and she plans to fight every change management tries to make. Chanel knows what is best for Fashionista Forward but does she know how to keep Levi from stealing her heart?


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